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At Confident Strides, we believe we must first strengthen the core of an individual. Once the core is strengthened, all other pieces of the individual, from relationships to vocation, are able to flourish as a natural byproduct of that empowerment.

not just a name, it’s a lifestyle!

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My video podcast “Coffee with T” is a 20-minute conversation with real-world experts. We discuss topics ranging from intellectual and emotional confidence, to business and entertainment. My purpose is to foster empowerment in others. I believe everyone has a story to share. I created this platform to empower others to share their story, their wisdom, and their insight. Coffee With T helps them gain exposure and allow their voices to be heard!

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The Goddess of Confidence

Tonia Tyler

Tonia Tyler is a video podcast host, public speaker and lifestyle coach.  She is known for her high energy and positive disposition.  Tonia pulls from her vast experience as a military retiree of the US Army and a former social media maven.  She loves to educate and empower individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs. 
As the founder of Confident Strides, Tonia’s mission is to strengthen the core of an individual that leads to other domains to include relationships and vocation to flourish as a natural byproduct of that empowerment.

“Coffee with T” is a 20-minute conversational interview on different topics ranging from personal development, business strategy and entertainment with an aim to foster empowerment in others.

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